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DayDateCityCountryTrailer TypePreferred destinationNBRef No
Wednesday 13 November Rotherham United Kingdom Flat Bed ES / PT - 1035
Wednesday 13 November London United Kingdom Flat Bed EU - 1038
Wednesday 13 November Glasgow United Kingdom Semi low loader EU - 1042
Wednesday 13 November Birmingham United Kingdom Semi low loader NL BE DE - 1045
Thursday 14 November Northampton United Kingdom Flat Bed EU - 1039
Thursday 14 November Southampton United Kingdom Flat Bed ES / PT - 1043
Thursday 14 November Antwerp Belgium Semi low loader UK 2 available 1046
Thursday 14 November Bratislava Slovakia Low Loader UK - 1048
Friday 15 November Metz France Flat Bed EU - 1049
Monday 18 November Halle Germany Mega EU - 1050



Seen loading at the Linde factory in Aldershot, this cold box will shortly be on route to Barcelona. Being not only over-length (21.00m), but also over-width (3.60m) and overweight (25 tons) – it represents an everyday challenge to the STG team.

The record for the largest load over the longest distance, as set by STG many years ago, still remains the project from UK to Karaganda, Kazakhstan – featured in our news story titled “We think it’s a record”.

We look forward to beating this at some time in the future.


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STG celebrates – it’s our 25th Anniversary.

A big THANK YOU to our many customers and suppliers, both large and small, based here in the UK and abroad. We’ve faced many challenges together – some of which even we thought verged on the impossible.

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