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Welcome to stg - The Specialist Transport Group

As our name suggests, at stg - the specialist transport group, we concentrate on solving transport problems, it's as simple as that.

Your project may be oversize, urgent or problematical in some other way - from just around the corner, more than often across the globe, inevitably to somewhere remote.

Over the years, we have been faced with every challenge imaginable - many unimaginable, some predictable, many unpredictable. Roads that appear on maps and yet don't seem to exist, bridges that have been washed away, weather conditions resembling the Antarctic, sand storms that penetrate every crevice.

Our reputation for solving transport problems is legendary. The wealth of experience, everyone's personal commitment and a flair for innovation, ensure that stg always offer the most economic and effective solution - time and time again.

STG are members of the  British International Freight Association  and the Freight Transport Association
Yours may be a relatively simple project, moving one piece from A to B. It could be something considerably more complex – multiple items, from several collection addresses, for delivery in sequential order, on a timed basis. Both require the best equipment, detailed planning and immaculate documentation – anything less could spell disaster. At STG we have three watchwords:
The first is experience, something that cannot be acquired overnight. We are perhaps the only company specialising solely in the movement of problematical cargo. It's all that we do – nothing else, no other distractions. If your Project Manager doesn't have the answer, most certainly one of his colleagues does.
The next is innovation – looking to both the orthodox and the unorthodox. Probing alternative solutions – anything that will save time and money, without putting in jeopardy the success of the project. Taking the best from the past and constantly adding new ideas and initiatives.

Finally commitment, a word that is sometimes overplayed, but not at stg.If we say it is going to happen, provided it is within our control, we make certain that it does happen. If there is the slightest doubt, you will be the first to hear. More importantly, remedies will already be in place to minimise any impact.


It's simple – our reputation rests on it.

for all your transport problems - STG have the solution