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DayDateCityCountryTrailer TypePreferred destinationNBRef No
Monday 24 February Sheffield United Kingdom Flat Bed FR / PT - 1289
Monday 24 February Blackburn United Kingdom Hiab UK - 1299
Monday 24 February Ipswich United Kingdom Euroliner any EU - 1307
Tuesday 25 February Doncaster United Kingdom Flat Bed ES / PT - 1302
Tuesday 25 February London United Kingdom Semi low loader ES / PT - 1303
Tuesday 25 February Manchester United Kingdom Semi low loader DE / PL / LT / LV / CZ / HU / SK - 1305
Tuesday 25 February london United Kingdom Semi low loader any EU - 1306
Tuesday 25 February Sunderland United Kingdom Euroliner any EU - 1308
Tuesday 25 February Southampton United Kingdom Euroliner any EU - 1309
Tuesday 25 February Peterborough United Kingdom Euroliner any EU - 1310



Fire Trucks

December was another busy month for fire truck deliveries. The photo shows one of two trucks that we…

Nissan – Sunderland

Repeat business is the cornerstone of every successful company. Therefore, having managed the logistics of one of the…

The Specialist Transport Group


Exports to Poland for feature heavily in our traffic activity this month. Below is one of several industrial…

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STG celebrates – it’s our 25th Anniversary.

A big THANK YOU to our many customers and suppliers, both large and small, based here in the UK and abroad. We’ve faced many challenges together – some of which even we thought verged on the impossible.

Our History
STG - Specialist Transport Group - 25 years