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DayDateCityCountryTrailer TypePreferred destinationNBRef No
Monday 21 October Birmingham United Kingdom Semi low loader ES / PT - 1004
Tuesday 22 October Campbeltown United Kingdom Semi low loader GB / EU - 1006
Wednesday 23 October Sevilla Spain Flat Bed UK - 1007
Monday 28 October Salisbury United Kingdom Semi low loader EU - 1008
Thursday 31 October Girona Spain Semi low loader UK - 1005


A340 Inlet Cowls

Although the Airbus A340 first flew almost thirty years ago, it still remains the workhorse of many of the world’s airlines. Since the first flight in 1991, it is estimated to have flown 600 million passengers. Before being usurped by the Boeing 777, the 340 offered the longest range of any airliner, straddling over 9000 nautical miles.

In this instance, these A340 engine cowls – four of, each measuring 3.40m in diameter – moved only a matter of several hundred miles, from the Netherlands to the UK – each under the tender care of the STG Team.


It’s never easy!

Except to say that sometimes it’s more difficult. Weighing in at 64,000 kg, with a width of 3.50m,…

A rare sight

A rare sight, but becoming increasingly common. Not too many years ago, if you wanted to protect cargo…

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STG celebrates – it’s our 25th Anniversary.

A big THANK YOU to our many customers and suppliers, both large and small, based here in the UK and abroad. We’ve faced many challenges together – some of which even we thought verged on the impossible.

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