What does STG do?

We solve transport problems, it’s as simple as that.

Your cargo may be urgent, oversize or problematical in some other way. Sometimes it’s as simple or as complex as finding the right trailer, in the right place, on the right day, at the right price.

Frequently the cargo is oversize or perhaps grossly overweight – invariably valuable, to the point of being invaluable. On many occasions both fragile and delicate – even the simplest of movements can be challenging in a wide variety of ways.

Our reputation for solving specialist transport problems is legendary. The wealth of experience, everyone’s personal commitment and a flair for innovation, ensure that STG offer the best possible solution – time & time again.

The Specialist Transport Group
The Specialist Transport Group

Where does STG go?

Sometimes the destination is just around the corner or, at the other end of the spectrum, to the far side of the globe.

Trailer movements, whether standard or special, represent the largest proportion of STG’s work load. By definition, the equipment is only a small part of the equation – invariably, to some of the more remote destinations, road conditions may leave a lot to be desired. Add to the mix extreme climate conditions, language problems, unfathomable documentation and much more – complicating the task at every level.

In recent years, for many customers, shipments to other parts of the world have become more commonplace – for the full list of destinations, click below – remembering that, month on month, more are being added.

How does STG do it?

We start with the Team – every STG customer is looked after by a personal Account Manager, someone who understands their needs, down to the finest detail.

It’s the Account Managers responsibility to analyse every enquiry, consider every possible option, determine the best solution and then see it through to a final conclusion – delivered safely, to budget and on time – in today’s world, no mean feat in itself.

The Account Manager selects the resources – predominately from one of our permanent “in house” suppliers, operators who we have worked with for over twenty years. In addition, we have developed what is possibly one of the largest databases of approved specialist transport contractors – based not only throughout the UK and Europe, but also in many of the more obscure parts of the world.

The Specialist Transport Group
The Specialist Transport Group

Who does STG work for?

Our customers range from the giants of industry to, at the other extreme, independent consultants – many are brand names who call on The Specialist Transport Group for “that little extra”.

Some are manufacturers, importers, exporters, freight forwarders, ships agents or whatever – all have one thing in common – they have a transport problem which needs to be solved quickly, effectively and economically.

The range of industries is vast – from satellite components (European Space Agency) to sculptures (Sothebys), press machinery for the motor industry (Nissan) to glamourous film sets (Warner Bros) – for the full list click below:

To learn what we’ve been up to recently, take a look at our News section or follow us on Twitter – you’re bound to find something of interest.



Airport Bus Deliveries

Fire trucks are not the only vehicles the Specialist Transport Group have been delivering to airports around Europe…

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STG celebrates – it’s our 25th Anniversary.

A big THANK YOU to our many customers and suppliers, both large and small, based here in the UK and abroad. We’ve faced many challenges together – some of which even we thought verged on the impossible.

Our History
STG - Specialist Transport Group - 25 years